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Peace reigned in the Pizza Village. The artifact, the Holy Sauce, brought prosperity to the Pizza people. But everything changed when the Kale King unleashed his vegetable army on the unsuspecting Pizzas, in a mad quest to take the Holy Sauce for himself.

The vegetable army made off with the Holy Sauce, and left the Pizza village in ruin and flame. But from these flames a hero emerged. A slice of Pizza determined to take back what was lost, and avenge his people...

PizzaTales is a top-down shooter that takes inspiration from the combat mechanics of classic Doom. What does that mean to us? It means fast paced combat, a multitude of weapons at your disposal, and a diverse set of enemies (who can be gibbed, of course). There are 5 areas in the game, each with 4 levels, and culminating in a boss fight. Boss fights are one of the most important aspects of any game, so we have tried to make them as unique and fun as possible.

Feature list:

- 20 levels

- 5 unique boss fights

- 6 weapons (with no reloading and infinite ammo, cause otherwise it'd be a slower affair)

- 5 armor/pizza types

- hats!

As this game is still in development, we feel it's necessary to tell what remains to be coded into the game. So here's a list of currently missing but soon-to-be-added features:

- Loading screens

- Gun sounds

- Item sounds

- Key bindings (currently there's two premade key bindings, for qwerty and azerty keyboards)

UPDATE August 7th 2016

We've been hard at work at improving PizzaTales, and we have an updated version to give you. Here is a list of changes that we have made:

-Corrected a bug in the save system

-Corrected bugs on bowler (armor buff) and panama (health buff) hats

-Added Settings menu

-Added an option to turn off the soundtrack

-Added item effects to health and armor potions

-Added equipment unlock effects

-Minor UI improvements

-Improved Sir Tomato (level Forest 4 boss) animations

What's to come in the future:

-Improved animations for all bosses

-Adding dialogue to certain enemies

-Fullscreen option

-Balance tweaks

-AI improvements for various enemies

There are some features that we are exploring, but we make no promise of them being added at the moment, such as:

-Controller support

-Rebindeable keys

UPDATE 16/08/2016 - Full Release

PizzaTales is finally complete, thanks in part to the feedback we've received during this crucial, albeit short, early access period.

Since the last update we've published we have made a few changes, such as:

-Full screen mode (there is an issue on Windows 8 and above due to the way Java works, in that you need to manually disable display scaling under the compatibility settings)


-Added diagonal shooting to the rocket launcher

-Added attack wind up animations to all bosses

-Buffed the pistol, rifle and rocket launcher in order for them to be more viable options

-Balance tweaks to the Castle boss fight, Garlenstein & Oniough

-Balance tweaks to the final boss, the Kale King

Linux support is coming soon!

We hope you enjoy PizzaTales, and please give us any feedback you may have.

UPDATE 17/08/2016 - Fixes

- Corrected arena bug

- Saves settings when starting game

- PizzaBox cutscene with description of acquired item

- Boost first discovery cutscene


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